Timeless Furniture You Need in Your Home

Finding the right look for your home can be stressful, but not when working with Phelan’s professional staff! Find timeless pieces for your home that you can depend on staying in-style.

Lounge Chair and Ottoman

This iconic design is perfect for a living room or office space. In addition to its sleek leather exterior, the chair is known for comfort. While seated, you can easily swivel, put your feet up to relax and find enough cushion for your back to rest against.

Chesterfield Sofa

The classic Chesterfield sofa provides a sophisticated addition to your home. As one of the top pieces found in royal households in England during the 18th century, the Chesterfield sofa has continued to be a timeless choice. With the tufted, equal back and cushioned arms, the sofa offers a classy look while still being comfortable. With options in leather and fabric, you can find what type suits your personality and touch.

Trestle Dining Table

Known from the medieval period, the trestle table was created by putting a board across trestle legs so meals could be served in any room of the castle and be taken apart quickly. Now, it is often found in farmhouse-style homes or American-style homes where it stays in one room—the dining room. With its large size and sturdy wooden features, the trestle dining table is great for families to nestle around for meals.

Wingback Chair

Recognized as many names—wingback, grandfather, saddle cheek—the wingback chair was invented in the late 17th century. The “wings” of the chair were implemented to protect the person’s face from chilly drafts and sustain warmth since the chair was often found next to a fireplace. The design of the wingback chair today has been given a modern touch but still provides “wings” with its structured body. Designers have used the inspirational wing back chair as their muse to create alternative shapes and sizes of the “wings” to give customers more options.

Tufted Headboard

As comfort became the more demanding aspect of a headboard in the 17th century, the tufted—also known as upholstered—headboard was created. In addition to comfort, a tufted headboard adds a structured, elegant look to a bedroom. Based on what your bedroom’s focused material is, the tufted headboard can match it; from fabric, leather, to vinyl, your bedroom can have a complete look.

Leather Club Chair

The leather club chair was created in France and was called, “fauteuil comfortable,” which translates to, “the comfortable chair.” It holds up to its meaning; the leather club chair hugs your body to support your back and provides armrests while looking classy and simple. Because of the leather exterior and size, it can fit in perfectly wherever you place it such as a living room, office or game room.

Chaise Lounge

Serving as a combination of chair and bed, you can stretch out your legs while still sitting upright. As a signature piece that provokes relaxation, the chaise lounge is a great accent to a living room, library or enclosed patio to rest, read or work. Because of its variety of materials and shapes, you can find the fabric that suits your home’s style best.

Mid-Century Piece

From sofas to tables, mid-century pieces provide you with a variety of choices that provide simple yet geometric details that involve color, materials, and texture. Coming from the design period of 1933-1965, mid-century furniture is still in demand because of its practical furniture. Clean and simple lines of this genre will always be in style.

Neutral Piece

Having a neutral focus in each room allows your house to not be overwhelming to the eye. A neutral piece will prevent rooms from being “too busy,” so the accent pieces can stay accent pieces by naturally standing out. For example, a sectional is large in size, so you would want it to be neutral so the smaller accent pieces such as pillows and rugs can stand out as accents. A neutral piece of furniture allows you to change the design of each room over time without having to buy new furniture.

From the living room to your bedroom, you can find furniture for your space by coordinating with Phelan’s talented staff. Contact us so we can start designing your home!