7 Of The Best Space Saving Furniture Pieces

Regardless how many square feet your home may be, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like there’s enough space. If you’re running into space and storage issues in key areas in your home, there are a variety of furniture pieces Phelan’s carries that can accommodate your needs. If you need to make your home more functional and comfortable, you’ve found the right blog!

The breakdown of these space-saving solutions is limited to three main spaces, the kitchen, living room, and office area. As you will see some pieces offer versatility even within these spaces, so not adhering to the following tips won’t mean your interior design instincts are invalid. Take a look and see what these pieces can offer your space!

Living Room & Office

Beginning with the Woodbury Trunk from Lexington, this piece serves a dual purpose as an accent piece and a functional trunk tabletop. The decorative nail head trim, leather accented corners, and porter handles tie into any arrangement that may don your living room or office. This piece offers practical storage options with a fully finished interior, a removable compartmentalized tray, and open storage beneath.

The next dual-purpose feature is a trio of Nesting Tables from Lexington Home Brands. With crushed bamboo tops these metal-framed tables can provide a nice contrast to any living room or office. Warmth radiates from these deep-dark mocha brown tables, adding more depth to each space.

space saving coffee tableA quality coffee table can become the centerpiece of any living room or office, which is exactly what the Leandrew Coffee Table from Revelation is. A focal point of this coffee table is the sliding door reminiscent of what you’d see on a rustic barn. You’ll have ample storage when integrating this table into your space, with 2 large drawers and a continuous fixed shelf from front to back.

Living Room

nesting ottomans If you’re seeking a piece of furniture that is a problem solver, look no further than the Rachael Ray group of ottomans by Craftmaster. This is a group of ottomans that incorporate beauty and brains, saving space by tucking 2 smaller ottomans underneath a larger one. The fabric material provides comfort for users and allows it to be used effectively in front of your sofa or in your entryway.


Creating an environment of productivity is essential for an office space, which can be difficult for anyone who works from home. The Rachael Ray Sleeper Bench and Back provides versatility that other pieces simply can’t match. A particularly utilitarian component of this bench is the transformative ability that converts a comfortable bench into a bed. This is a great solution for anyone who has a home office but is limited on space. Versatile furniture is not only money saving but space saving because you only need one piece of furniture rather than a bench and a bed.

Bar & Kitchen

stone bar A great space saving option for the bar or kitchen is Tameron Bistro Set by Uttermost, a stunning display of weathered finish that blends with any style. This bistro comes complete with an iron base in blackened zinc, and marquetry inlay top in a gray glazed driftwood finish. Bringing this bistro into the kitchen or bar area provides

The Braylon Kitchen Island by Revelation Vintage is a vibrant piece inspired with rustic elements of solid reclaimed elm wood, and a luscious bluestone top. Placing this island in your kitchen will not only create a warm and inviting feel, but also help you stay organized when prepping a meal for family or friends. Open shelving and removable bins for produce adds to the island’s ample storage. There are also two drawers that will hold your larger utensils and a pull out board you can use for extra working space. Everything about this island screams rustic sheik, and makes it a must-have for your kitchen.

Not only do these masterpieces provide convenience and space saving solutions for the home, but they can also be purchased at a convenient location. Phelan’s Interiors is your premier carrier of all the pieces mentioned in this article.