Selecting Dining Room Furniture For Your Space

Whether you are looking to purchase that new table or upgrade your chandelier, the buying process for dining furniture can be overwhelming. One single search on Google can yield thousands of results. It’s a hectic feeling, but the end results are totally worth it. 

To prove it, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help transform your dining room and help you select dining furniture. Trust us, finding a balance between creative design and functional use when devising your dining room will work in your favor. 


Room Functionality

When designing your dining room, you first need to decide the function of the room. Are you wanting more of a formal setting for elegant gatherings, or are you looking for more of a family room where you will be having daily meals and working on crafts? Once you determine what you are wanting out of this room, you can then begin to decorate accordingly.  

For the fun part, decorating, you need to figure out how much space you have to work with. Can this room fit a full table with 4+ chairs around it? Or will you need a pub table with some stools? A table is where you will spend the majority of your time in the dining room, so make sure it fits your style perfectly. Once you have the main piece, then you can start focusing on more fun furniture. Maybe you want some more space for dishes, so adding a sideboard might be a creative way. LIke to host parties or social gatherings? Try adding in a bar cabinet or wine rack to access your drinks quicker. 

A table and chairs are not the only dining furniture you need in the space. Play around with accessories and different furniture options to create a chic room you will enjoy spending time in. 


Turn All The Lights On

A well-lit chandelier can turn an ordinary dining room into a dazzling room you can’t get enough of. And as strange as it may sound, make sure you take your table size into consideration when choosing one. Oftentimes, your lighting can serve as a conversation starter, depending on how ornate you choose to make it. Lighting will bring this room together, so use that to your advantage. 

When trying to highlight specific pieces of art or areas, try adding sconces or picture lights to create a glow on the perimeter. This will give the room some subtle, yet flattering lighting. And by all means, avoid downlights whenever possible. The last thing you need is dark shadows casting on your guests’ faces. 


Let’s Have A Personality Change

Your dining room should make a lasting impression when visited. This room should evoke conversation and represent who you are as the homeowner. This includes the color palette you select and even the accessories. Combined, they can reveal subtle hints about the homeowner and make the space feel more personal. 

Get creative with this part. Use different textures, colors, paint, wallpapers, and even small trinkets to bring this room to life. Some colorful paint is the easiest way to change a room vibe, and small trinkets are great conversation starters. If you are interested in the texture aspect, try adding in a fun rug to the room and watch it transform right before your eyes. 


Let’s Eat

The dining room can be used for a lot of things, but the main point of it is to eat. The table should be the center point of the room, the main focus for everyone. So, choosing a table is kind of a big deal. Do you have a large family with numerous kids, cousins, and grandparents? Or are you a small family with just one or two people joining you? Regardless of how many guests you will have, make sure your table is suitable for your needs and fits the space comfortably. 

When placing the table in the room, make sure you leave about three feet of clearance around the table for foot traffic. People will need to be able to pull chairs out, walk around with dishes, and get up periodically to leave the room. The last thing anybody wants is to have guests crawling over or under the table to get out. This is where the sizing of the table comes in handy. If you have a large room, don’t choose a super small table shoved up in the corner. Just because you are a family of four doesn’t mean you need a tiny table. Your space is going to look unfinished if you have a dining space that could seat twelve but you only buy a table that sits four. And vice versa, if you have a small room, don’t cram a massive table in there. Try looking for a round table that can squeeze more people in while leaving ample space. 


Where Should I Sit?

Don’t skip out on a cool dining table just because no matching chairs come with it. This is where your personality can flourish. Chairs do not have to match the table; you could have three different chair colors and finishes, as long as they are cohesive with the space and theme. The most important part you need to remember, however, is to make sure your chars suit the scale and style of your table. 

Maybe you are out and see some cool barstools on sale and your first thought might be “oh yes, what a deal!” but do they make sense? Will barstools fit your table or will they make you tower over the table while eating? You want to be comfortable while you sit, eat, and converse with guests. We suggest finding some chairs that come with arms. Nothing says comfy like a little armrest. 

Picking out chairs can be really fun. You can mix and match wooden chairs with felt chairs to give your room that ultimate aesthetic, or you can go with some rustic metal chairs. Regardless of what you choose, make sure they are comfortable, durable, and scaled correctly. 


Having trouble with scale, spacing, or other selections for your dining furniture and space? Give the team at Phelan’s a call so we can help you finish your perfect dining room.