Create an Engaging Office Space with Phelan’s Commercial Interior Design

“Just like our home reflects our personality, the office should reflect our company culture.”


Is your office space living in the past while the work flying off the desks of your employees is cutting edge? Does your space reflect your business’ mission and keep employees happy?


A recent Forbes survey confirmed five relatively easy ways to make employees happy in the workplace—more social space, comfort, food and drink availability, quality of furniture, and good coffee (really.) While the commercial interior designers at Phelan’s can’t brew your office coffee every morning, they can help ensure the comfort, quality, and design of your office keeps employees satisfied.


More Social Space

Big conference areas, collaboration space, or community eating areas are great ways to encourage social time between employees. A great way to improve morale and create connections between employees is to offer and encourage time for employees to get to know each other, work together, and spend social time. Phelan’s has the ability to turn your office into a collaborative, connected space. By describing your needs and wishes for the office, an interior designer will turn your ideas into a space you and your employees will truly love.


Quality Furniture

At Phelan’s we work with a variety of furniture vendors to ensure your business has access to an unlimited selection of quality furniture. Commercial interior designers from Phelan’s will asses your space, make suggestions, and reach out to our trusted vendors to provide you with an exceptional selection of office furniture unlike any other in Iowa.

Visit our vendor sites to learn more about the furniture we can offer commercial clients here: Teknion, SitOnIt, Humanscale, National.



From furniture to flooring, commercial interior designers at Phelan’s know how to make your office space both functional and comfortable. Comfort is a key factor to the happiness of employees, which affects overall productivity and morale throughout the office. A commercial interior designer from Phelan’s will consider your employees’ needs, the space, and the best options to improve your culture and make a comfortable space where employees want to spend their time. Giving employees a say in the renovation or updates is another great way to ensure their happiness in the space.


When you choose to work with Phelan’s, a dedicated project manager will guide the entire process. Those project managers will help the update or renovation on budget and schedule, and contract the best professional installation and building experts for the project. You can feel confident in Phelan’s when you choose to update your commercial office space.


Give Phelan’s a call today (319) 363-9634 for a free professional commercial interior design consultation. View our portfolio of commercial client projects here.