Maximizing Your Design In Small Spaces

Have you ever heard the phrase, “less is more”? Well, it’s true when it comes to creating a well-designed, small space. Designing a small room may feel like an impossible challenge, but we’re here to tell you that a small room or space does not mean less style, it just means more creativity with your layout. Designing a small space, just like designing a large one, requires a keen eye for detail, and filling a space with personality is very much possible. 

To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you turn your minimalist space into a work of art.

Keep The Floor Clear

The essentials are important, but a cluttered floor will cause chaos in a small space no matter how perfectly decorated it is. However, furniture that can be used in different ways will help give you ample space and keep your room walkable. For instance, try using floating pieces such as shelves and nightstands to keep obstacles out of your way. These create more storage for smaller items while not taking up too much space. Plus they can be jazzed up to add simple decorations to the room and give you a more personal aesthetic. 

Thinking of getting a coffee table? Consider switching it out with two smaller tables instead. They are easier to navigate and move around, plus they can be used separately for other needs, like a desk. A bulky coffee table would take up a large amount of your floor space leaving less room for more essentials. If you have large items you simply can’t get rid of just yet, try placing them more towards corners. This will give your room a cozy feeling while still making it seem like you have lots of space in the middle. 

Light Up Your Room

If you are lucky enough to have access to natural light, don’t shut it out with dark drapes or blackout curtains. Instead, let the light shine through and give your room a more airy and open feel. No matter how many windows you have, try not to block them out. Always go for a lighter, semi-sheer shade to let in any ounce of sunlight you can because if you don’t, a small space can end up feeling even smaller than it is. 

If your space is lacking windows, try finding some striking ceiling fixtures or some table lamps to help out. These sources of light will bring a cozy and bright atmosphere to your room while creating ample space. If you want even more space, try swapping out your table lamps for some stylish wall lamps or sconces. If you try to use a standing floor lamp, you will be taking up walkable space in the room.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors are a great option for a small room because they provide numerous benefits, such as an illusion of more space and light because of how it reflects. In a small room, a mirror will reflect the lighting and give off a brighter look while simultaneously giving off the illusion of more space. This is a double win in our books, plus a mirror is very practical in itself. Get creative with mirrors and hang a gallery of small ones on your wall or hang a large piece to create even more depth.  

If you are the type who would rather have a full-length mirror, then find one that fits the theme of your room and lean it up into a corner. This way you are keeping space in your room while adding a personal touch. Get creative with your mirrors, you truly can’t have too many. Find different corners to place them in, or otherwise unused walls to hang them on or lean them against. 

Tidy Up 

When you don’t have a ton of room to work with, you want to keep your belongings to a minimum.  A small perk of a small space is that it forces you to buckle down and edit out the belongings that serve you no purpose. Everyone has these; belongings that no longer bring us joy, are impractical, or are quite frankly useless in your life now. However, decorating a small room is the perfect time to rid your home of these things or find creative ways to store them so you don’t run into overcrowding. 

This goes for every visible area in the space, from the floor to the desks all the way to the spaces in between your furniture, you will need to keep the clutter down. To do this, you will need to get creative with where you place everything, and even more with where you store everything. Choosing furniture items that double-down into storage solutions are a great necessity for any small space. Ottomans that can store linens, or even under the bed storage units that look like cool cabinets. Look around and try to find unique ways to store your belongings without shoving everything into a closet. 

Choose A Large Rug

We are going to let you in on a little secret here – the trick to making a room feel larger is a bold, largerug.When we are dealing with small rooms, we have to trick the eyes into seeing more than there is. So, a small rug might seem like the practical option for a small room, but it actually does the opposite. A small rug in a small room will make the room feel smaller than it already is, while a larger rug will help anchor the space and make your room feel like it has more depth. 

Get creative with your rug. We suggest choosing a rug first, any bold pattern or color you like, and then decorating your room around it. A rug with bold patterns and colors are going to drag the eyes to it, making it seem like your room goes on. Always aim to go bigger with the rug and elongate your small space.  

Keep It Cozy

Small spaces can inherently feel cozy and inviting on their own, so use that to your advantage when decorating. Move your seating pieces closer and create a more intimate feeling, or add blankets and pillows to give off a soft touch. Adding close, intimate items will help a room feel welcoming and functional.

However, a small space is still a small space and there are only so many things you can look at. Make sure that when you are decorating and arranging things, that they all fit cohesively. Stick to limited color palettes, whether they are light and neutral or bold and dramatic. You want to look at your space with the eyes of an editor. Do these pieces truly belong here? Does this all mesh well together? This will help keep your room aesthetically pleasing for you. 

Add Some Greens

Adding flowers and plants to a room is never a bad idea. Not only are they nice to look at, but they smell good and help keep the air clean. Adding flowers and greenery to your small space can add more life and style to the room. A few small plants strategically placed around the room, along with a tall standing plant or tree, can change the whole aroma of a room.

However, if you don’t think you will be able to take care of your plants or keep them alive, watch out. Dying and/or dead plants will do the complete opposite effect of your small space. They will take away that fresh smell and feel in it, making your room feel unwelcoming. If you are worried about this, then we suggest investing in some fake plants. They are just as functional, without needing a green thumb.

Take Advantage Of Your High Ceiling

If your space is lacking in square footage but exceeding in height, that is a good problem to have. Take advantage of your vertical space. Accentuate windows with long curtains, or add fun wallpaper to the room. With your ceilings, add hanging plants to give off a fresh vibe, or add some hanging shelves to higher up parts of your walls. Want more seating? Try adding a hanging chair. This will add seating to your room without taking up a ton of floor space. 

If you need some elegant pieces to add to your small space or want to figure out the best layout for your room, the designers at Phelan’s are happy to bring your ideas a reality.