Lighting to Suit Your Space

Let there be light! When designing your home’s rooms for comfort and functionality, lighting will be a key factor in ensuring a cohesive style. Not only do most rooms benefit from overhead lighting or recessed lighting, but a variety of lamps can also help create a mood or make activities such as crafting, game night or puzzle assembly much easier.

Phelan’s Interiors recommends viewing lamps as part of the overall design and furnishing scheme. Most interior design plans today include recessed lighting as well as light fixtures. Recessed lighting now offers LED bulbs, making it much more affordable to operate and more flexible, too. Dimmers and colored lighting options are increasingly popular, especially as we spend so much time in our homes. A combination of recessed lighting, light fixtures and lamps usually provides the optimal lighting for your living spaces.


Lighting Each Room

In your living room, you have many options for lighting that can be fun as well as warm. Pairing a shaded floor lamp with a reading chair draped with your favorite blanket could make it everyone’s favorite place to read. Or place a table lamp on a small side table with a plant to create a cozy space. A torchiere floor lamp sheds lighting upward onto the ceiling, which can be softer and more pleasant illumination for casual conversations.

Consider the height and placement of lamps in these spaces so they don’t block you from talking to your family members. In a family room space, consider whether the lamp reflects on the TV from any of the seating areas.

For the bedroom, keeping it dark may be the goal, so consider dimming lamps or those with multiple light settings. This makes it possible to relax or read, depending on your mood. Recessed lighting in the bedroom can also be a nice way to add dimmable lighting with warm color options. Some lights have sunset dimming that provides warmer light the dimmer it gets, and cooler, brighter light when turned up.

The dining room may benefit from some beautiful buffet lamps. Look for a delicate pair of small lamps to make dinner parties and entertaining more welcoming.

For workspaces, like offices and craft rooms, task lighting becomes critical. You can add desk lamps and floor lamps to make the space cozier as well as more functional. Stylish floor lamps can spread light a little further and add a vertical dimension to a seating area, where desk lamps truly focus the light on a specific area where you might read, proofread or write.

Do you have a game room for your teens or a playroom for younger children? Bright lighting is usually best for these spaces. It is safer and more suited to the hands-on activities kids enjoy, such as coloring or painting or playing pool or board games.


Lamp Styles, Features & Sizes

As for the style of lamps, almost anything goes! You should be able to find something to suit your style, whether it’s a bit of Hollywood glamour or a masculine, industrial feel. Lamps usually follow the trends, so you will currently find a lot of metallic, translucent and natural options. Traditional styles always have a presence, as well, and that may be what you’re looking for in your lighting. Lamp shades can take a variety of shapes and materials, which always influence the vibe they project.

Accent lamps offer the most on-trend lighting, while task lamps tend toward functional styles with adjustable arms. Some provide USB ports like the lamps found in hotels. This could be a very helpful feature for families with multiple devices in the home or for your guest room.

Sizes of lamps vary, especially when it comes to floor lamps, but you may notice that accent lamps are about the same size. This is due to the rule of thumb that lamps should be proportional to furnishings. Most couches and chairs are about the same height, so accent lighting follows that guideline.


If you are planning to redesign a space, our interior designers can help you optimize the lighting in your home to make it more beautiful, comfortable and safe. Reach out to us to run your ideas by our designers so you can find more effective, on-trend way