Interior Design Ideas with Phelan’s: From Plain to Rustic Chic

Rustic chic seems to be the “in” thing in interior design. Learning how to make rustic décor look chic—and not tacky by going overboard—can be a challenge. Make sure that your pieces look rustic, not like they just came out of a barn. Mix textures to make one color pop is another idea.

Do you love the idea of a rustic chic house, but want a lot of natural lighting in your house too? Well, now you can have both.

And Phelan’s Interiors can help you every step of the way.

Recently, greenhouse style kitchens and sunrooms have been appearing in house plans. These kitchens and sunrooms have a ton of windows, and often times the kitchens are designed as rustic looking kitchens.

Sometimes these include curved windows like a greenhouse; other times they have more windows then normal kitchens. The extra natural light in these kitchens is a bonus, making the kitchen an ideal place to spend most of your time. These kitchens are perfect, because they have the modern openness, as well as rustic counters and cabinets.

However, if you’re not into the rustic look, you can choose an industrial vibe for your kitchen. You can make it more industrial by using a really clean design, but still gain a lot of natural light.

Not sure how this would look? See below for some examples of both the industrial and rustic looking greenhouse kitchens.

interior design ideas, rustic chic

If creating new windows is out of your price range, you still have plenty of options. Nothing brightens up a kitchen like white does. White is a sun reflecting hue, so if you reface your cabinets with a white, it will brighten up immediately. Consider adding white subway tiles to brighten and lighten up your kitchen if you cannot redo your cabinets. Making variations to these kitchen designs to fit your personal taste would be a simple fix.

greenhouse industrial

You might be wondering how to pull off rustic chic.

Just look at the wooden table (below) paired with clean and modern looking chairs. Even though they seem quite different truly do complement each other.

Contemporary meets rustic chic can be a great combination, if done correctly. The mix of the glass chair and the wood elements (below) in the room completely mesh.

rustic chic, interior design
interior design, rustic chic


To keep the rustic look modern, consider going with gray slate rather than traditional brown hardwood floors. Gray floors add something unexpected to a space. If you aren’t feeling the gray, another way to add a little spice to your home is to use a herringbone pattern like the floor pictured below.

gray slate floors, rustic chic, herringbone floors

If you don’t care for hardwood floors, consider using creative wood wall art to make a space stick out from the rest of the house.

wall art, rustic chic, interior design

When it comes to furniture, less can be more. Having less furniture in a space can make it look more crisp and less cluttered. If you want more of a rustic feel, stick to earth tones in brown, green and other neutral colors.

If you need help decorating or designing your home, Phelan’s can help. We have full-time interior designers who listen and get to know you. They’ll help you make the best decisions for your home.

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