How To Use Accessories To Finish Any Space

Accessories are essential to giving a room personality. These small and simple details can exude energy instantly and tell you so much about the person whose home you’re in. Having calm, neutral colors with potted plants may give off a relaxed vibe, while bright colors and concert posters may give off a more upbeat vibe. There’s no rule that states your room has to look a certain way or that you can’t mix and match themes. However, the goal is to make the room feel welcoming and unapologetically you. 

From lighting to objects, and even plants, take a peek at some of the most essential accessories you can use to transform and finish your space. 


Plant Yourself 

From kitchen herb gardens to mini trees, decorating a room with plants is an easy way to bring a little piece of the outdoors into your everyday life. A miniature tree can bring some height into an open space, where a small, colorful plant can add a pop of color. It is amazing to see how much a plant can bring a room to life and transform the way it looks. 

In your home, you can arrange plants in small clusters or spread them throughout a room. You can also alternate between having real plants or faux plants. If you choose to use real plants, they will help clean the air and boost oxygen levels. If you choose faux plants, you never have to worry about watering them or upkeep. No matter which option you choose, a plant is always a great accessory to add to a room. 


Window Love

When it comes to filling a room with accessories, windows tend to get glossed over. Window treatments can elevate a room and are just as stunning as any other accessory. In fact, when done right, windows can create a look that outshines the rest of the room. 

Stuck between drapes or shades? We’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of tips that will help with each room.


When it comes to treating the windows in your bedroom, you need to remember to take lighting and privacy into consideration. The best option to achieve both is to use a double rod so you can layer your drapery. The first layer should have blackout lining to keep light out and ensure privacy, and the second layer can be thin and flowy to let light in during the day and keep the room fresh and flattering.


For the bathroom, it is in your best interest to find a material that is mildew resistant and durable in humidity. Using a light, plastic shade is a smart option to allow ample light into the room without compromising your privacy. Keeping the shades light and soft will help minimize the look so you hardly notice them.


When it comes to the kitchen, you can’t go wrong with an elegant Roman shade. Roman shades are perfect because you can bring the shade up, which will keep them from getting dirty, but at the same time, can be closed for privacy and a sleeker look. These shades will keep your kitchen light and airy while still staying stylish.

Living Room

When it comes to room makeovers, no room sees more transition than the living room. This room is where we spend most of our days, and let’s face it, where we impress our guests. So, when you are deciding what type of window treatment to use, remember how many times you rearrange and update your living room. You need to choose a window treatment that is stylish but neutral, something that works well with numerous color and pattern changes. Our suggestion would be to use layers of drapes and roman shades, this way you have a lot of flexibility on how you continue to layer your windows throughout the year. 


Mood Lighting 

Lighting is one of the most important parts of a room, for numerous reasons. From floor lamps to chandeliers, lighting can truly set the mood in every room. 

When you are trying to achieve a warm and cozy vibe, consider using dimmers and lamps. These lights are softer and create a more relaxed mood in any room. If you have a space that you want to make feel brighter and more open, try using chandeliers or pendants. When you add a light to a room, you will be amazed by how much the energy can change. 


Area Rugs 

Hardwood floors are a stunning part of a home that are often overlooked. To show off the woodwork, try adding an area rug to make the floor the focal point for when you walk in. Area rugs are a perfect way to compliment various flooring materials and make a room feel more warm and welcoming. 

There is no straightforward rule for area rugs, but they are a great accent piece that can add depth to a room. The patterns and colors of area rugs will draw people’s eyes to them instantly, bringing a more mature feeling to a room that may not be fully furnished yet. Area rugs are an easy way to add a soft background feature to any room and help draw it all together. 


A Statement Piece

There are some pieces of furniture that just make a room pop and come to life. Pieces like these steal the show without much effort, filling a home with a bold style. If you are feeling up to the challenge, take a look at some of these statement pieces that will surely shake things up at home. 

Oversized Mirrors

An oversized or leaner mirror can charmingly overwhelm a bland dresser or room without feeling too heavy or busy. The large proportion of the mirror will reflect the entire room nicely, while also multiplying the light. 


Statement lighting is an easy way to bring a shock of creativity to a room. Not only does a bold chandelier stand out, but it can bring an otherwise monochromatic or minimalist aesthetic come together. 

Bold Sofas

If you are not sure what piece of furniture to use as a statement piece, a colorful sofa is always a good choice. A bold sofa can add style in any living room, taking a neutral palette and adding some spark to it. Find a color that still fits your theme and watch it shine in a minimalist space.

Oversized Paintings  

When you have an empty wall that needs just the right touch, what better way to fill the space than with a large painting. A vibrant painting, or even a subtle black and white drawing, can make any wall really come alive. Once you add a painting, everything blends together nicely and makes the space feel much more impactful. 


A Mix Of Texture

A touch of fur or cashmere can never go wrong in a room. Imagine, a soft cashmere throw draped over a leather couch next to a burning fireplace. Sounds cozy, right? There really is no right or wrong choice when choosing different textures, combine as many textures as you can. Hard and soft, rough and smooth, the options are unlimited. Add depth, interest and personality to a room to create the perfect space using different textures.



At Phelan’s we have all that you need to complete your space with the perfect accessories to suit your aesthetic. Make an appointment with a designer today to complete your perfect room.