5 Easy Ways Interior Designers Update Spaces


  1. Paint – A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference when working to update a space in your home. Whether it is an entire room or just a single wall, a balanced neutral or vibrant color can change the feel and appearance of any space. Not sure what colors should go on what walls? Consider working with a professional interior designer to guarantee your space is update successfully. An experienced interior designer from Phelan’s in Cedar Rapids can help you choose the best area in your home to add a fresh coat of paint and suggest colors to help update your space.

  3. Mirrors- Adding a mirror or collection of mirrors to a wall in your home increases the amount of light and visual space in an area. Mirrors create an illusion of space in rooms both big and small. When placed correctly, mirrors reflect light from sun or lamps enhancing light and creating an airy, open feeling. Use a mirror to create a focal point above a mantel, sofa, or along a set of stairs. Mirrors are functional, but also great for decorating. With so many sizes and shapes of mirrors, contact Phelan’s today. An interior designer from Phelan’s will be happy to help you choose from a variety of mirrors large and small, framed and shaped differently to best fit your space.

  5. Replace a Piece of Furniture- Is it time for a new sofa, chair or bedroom set? Bring your bedroom, living room, or another room back to life by replacing just one piece of outdated furniture. Phelan’s showroom is full of beautiful, stylish furniture that would make a great addition to any bedroom, sitting area, or dining room. A new statement chair, stylish leather sectional, or headboard is a great addition to consider. Interior designers at Phelan’s will help you choose a piece that works with your existing décor or furniture. Stop by our showroom today for inspiration and to talk with an interior designer.

  7. Window Treatments- Blinds, curtains, shades…do you know the best type of window treatments to compliment your space? If your window treatments are outdated, faded, or non-existent, consider working with an experienced interior designer to style your windows. Phelan’s has a variety of options available and can offer tips and advice to help you choose window treatments that look great in your space.

  9. Add Statement Décor- Our showroom in Cedar Rapids, IA is full of statement décor pieces perfect for adding a fresh, unique feel to a room. Frames, lamps, and small décor additions are great ways to improve the aesthetics of a room inexpensively.  An interior designer at Phelan’s can evaluate your space and suggest colors, furniture, rugs, plants, frames, shelving and other décor options to update your space with.Working with an interior designer during a home update is a great way to ensure your space turns out beautifully. Contact Phelan’s today, or stop by our showroom, to talk to a designer about how to get started updating your space!