The Home Office You Won’t Want to Leave

Imagine being steps away from work, wearing whatever clothing you like, saving money on gas, avoiding the stress of commuting, never venturing out in the rain or snow, and still being highly productive. You’ve just imagined working from home.

At least 50 percent of all U.S. employees are eligible to work from home and up to 90 percent of polled workers say they’d prefer to work at least part-time from home, according to statistics from

If your employer has given you the green light to work part- or full-time from home or you’ve decided to start your own home-based business, you’ll need a dedicated space for your computer, phone, and office area. At Phelan’s Interiors, we’re here to help. No matter what size you have to play with—whether you live in a loft, apartment, or large home—the following ideas will help you create a unique home office where you enjoy spending time.

Create a private space for peace and quiet. A separate office area provides a psychological boost. You can close off this space when you “leave” work. Consider using barn doors to convert a dining room, large closet, or garage area into your new office digs. Since the doors don’t open out, they save a great deal of space.


Sitting for long periods of time can be very hazardous to your health. So if you’re setting up your office, consider a standing desk. Your employer may even help pay for this heart-healthy alternative. It never hurts to ask. Prices begin at about $400 and go up from there. Some standing desks use hydraulic power and can be lowered if you wish to sit.

phelans 2

Make sure you have proper room and task lighting. If you don’t have natural sunlight in your workspace, Phelan’s can help you select beautiful lighting options for your office. As you see from this lovely home office below, a chandelier and table lamp provide just the right amount of light. You can also easily install pendant lights or purchase some eclectic floor lamps to suit your personal style.

phelans 3

Brainstorm storage ideas to maximize the space you have. Be sure you have a place for everything. Unlike working in a corporate building where equipment and filing cabinets can be stored in separate areas, you’ll need all your files and electronics within an arm’s reach. This small and efficient space makes use of pull-out drawers, shelves, and cabinets to store necessary items and showcase art.

phelans 4

But you needn’t spend a fortune to transform your office area. You can paint and refinish older filing cabinets, use an inexpensive TV stand to store your printer and office supplies, or even use the backs of doors to hang organizational pockets. Check out Pinterest for some fun DIY projects on a budget.

Pick a focal point for your room. Splurge on a piece or a fabric that makes you smile each time you enter your home office. One fun idea is to choose an accent rug. From patterns to bold hues or from minimalistic sisal to luxurious plush, pick a throw rug that will be comfortable on your bare feet. Remember: You don’t ever have to wear shoes when you’re working from home. Here’s a nice neutral mocha palette, but notice the deep pile and softness of this home office rug.

phelans 5

Let the interior design experts at Phelan’s help you create additional work areas in your home office. Depending on your space, you might wish to add a funky bean bag, a hammock, a wingback chair, or a sofa. The goal is to give you another place to sit while you read and work on your computer. Having a separate work space also provides a seating area for any clients who may visit.

Add color to your workspace. We’ll help you tie together the palette in your home office by using paint, wallpaper, fabrics, or wall art. You can also cover part or all of a wall with a special paint that allows you to make notes in chalk, like this lovely example below.

phelans 6

These chalk walls are much warmer looking than whiteboards and allow you to quickly visualize ideas or keep track of upcoming tasks.

Once you’ve created the perfect working environment, don’t forget you may be eligible to claim a home office deduction.

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of these approaches for home office décor. At Phelan’s, our friendly and professional designers enjoy improving the home and work lives of all our customers. We work with every budget and on projects both large and small. Call us today for help with your home office.