Creating Dimension with Upholstery and Leather

The trends in furnishings tend to run the gamut, from calm, subtle approaches to super bold interior design schemes. How can you achieve either approach? By layering on color and texture with custom upholstery and leather.

The beauty of upholstery is that you can transform any furniture piece completely, just by changing its covering. And leather can a fine addition to an accent chair for almost any room. A leather couch makes a statement and creates a strong backdrop you can build onto for years to come. Today, it comes in colors you wouldn’t believe!

So, as fall turns into winter and we want to nest, let’s look at some of the trends in leather and upholstered furniture as it relates to interior design for your home.


High Contrast Color

When you want to make a bold choice in your décor, turn to high contrast color schemes. It’s easy with upholstery available in dramatic colors, like navy, which are so popular right now. Other standout options include black and white graphic fabrics, deep jewel tones and bright yellows.

Leather coverings come in more colors than ever, and leather instantly adds that luxurious look and feel. Bradington-Young offers 175 leather colors, from the traditional rich browns to striking bright green. An occasional chair in a smashing red, gold or blue leather can add great energy to a room!

Finally, look for contrasting accents on furnishings, such as dark nail heads or piping. Or, see if it’s an option to cover chair cushions in an interesting pattern or contrasting color, creating a truly custom two-toned piece to anchor a corner of your home.


Cuddle Up to Cozy

During the fall and winter months, there’s nothing like snuggling up with a good book on a comfy couch or taking a weekend nap on the sofa. One design option that never goes out of style features soft and cozy furnishings, accented by warm blankets. Pillow back sofas continue to be very popular, and they can be covered in neutral or nature-inspired fabric that makes you feel relaxed and happy. Choose an oversized chair for your reading nook—cover it in chenille or leather, and feel the stress melt away! Subtle differences in textures are easy on the eyes.

Did you know you could have a sofa or sectional with built-in reclining options? Bradington-Young offers many options with articulating headrests and push-button recliner control. With this feature, you can ease back as far as you like while another family member sits upright. It also keeps the kids from fighting over the reclining chair!


Upholstered headboards provide another way to add comfort to your home. Whether they are tufted or smooth, in velvet or denim, they invite you to get a good night’s sleep when you need it most. The upholstery helps absorb sound and feels soft to the touch.


Layer on the Luxe Look

Maybe a monochromatic color scheme provides calm and peace to you. If so, it can also be very luxurious, and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! The numerous textures available in many colors of upholstery make it possible to layer on texture and rich, tactile experiences. Choose chairs and a sofa from the same palette, and look for silky texture and sheen in the fabrics you select.

The right combination of colors can also lean into the luxury feeling. Choose furnishings with metallic gold legs or casters and add deep, rich colors to the upholstery palette. Navy or pink plush upholstery, such as velvet, paired with gold metallic can be truly decadent in its opulence.

Ottomans provide yet another option where you can get creative with indulgent faux fur or leather coverings. Norwalk Furniture offers an interesting selection of cocktail ottomans, allowing for multiple pairs of feet.


Mix & Match Patterns

One of the best trends in interior design right now is the openness to mixing and matching patterns and colors. This makes it easy for nearly anyone to personalize a space to their taste. Not only can you let go of your fear of making a mistake, you can embrace different colors and create a huge impact with bold, beautiful upholstery patterns, paired with artistic wallpaper and layered on top of unique rugs.

The Boho style embraces this by transporting you to a vibrant vintage world where every piece of furniture can bring color and personality to a room. It can be particularly freeing to work with existing art and rugs and modify chairs and couches to express exuberance in your living room.

If you are looking to diverge from the ordinary with mix and match patterns, do your research to explore what you like, what you want to keep and what you insist on changing. Our design team members can help you refine your choices, from the shape and size of furnishings to the upholstery patterns, of course.


For more spectacular ideas for your living spaces, check out Norwalk Furniture’s inspiration gallery or stop in to see what Phelan’s Interiors has in stock or for custom ordered upholstered furnishings.