Improve Your Business with Phelan’s Commercial Interior Design Services

According to a Gensler study in 2013, office amenities, functionality, and design make large contributions to employee satisfaction, and as a result employee performance. If it’s been a decade since your office has seen new flooring, wall color, or furniture, it may be time to consider revamping your office space to match your ever-evolving business.

Assess The Current Space

What about the space is not meeting your current business needs? Are areas throughout the office becoming over crowded with bulky office furniture?

As you begin thinking about design options, consider the ways that your office space could improve. Improving the use of space, lighting, and desk accommodations for employees are all great ways to create a more functional workspace.

Would collaborative space work well in your office? Many companies in a variety of industries are moving towards an open workspace to encourage collaboration and company morale.

Take into consideration the needs and wants of employees and the overall structure that the business needs to flourish and continue to grow. Phelan’s commercial interior designers can help these needs become reality with great floor plan, furniture, and design suggestions.

Get Feedback From Current Employees

Before making major office design changes or updates, consult your employees on their needs, wants, and dislikes in regards to the current space. Taking employees opinions and needs into consideration will improve satisfaction and performance in the long run.

Create an Exceptional Team

Point of Contact

It’s important that your business leaders work together as a team when designing or updating a space. However, too many hands in the fire can cause confusion and slow the process. Nominate one individual in your office to lead the group through the process and be the point of contact with all designers, contractors, etc.

Design Team

A strong team of designers, vendors, and contractors will ensure your office updates are exactly as you envisioned them. Phelan’s in Cedar Rapids works with businesses throughout Eastern Iowa to create modern, functional office spaces. Our team of experienced commercial interior designers has helped a number of companies big and small design or update their office space. View our portfolio of commercial design projects here.

Phelan’s has built strong partnerships with furniture and design vendors through a variety of different office redesign projects. We work with reputable vendors carrying accessories, flooring, furniture, wall coverings, and window treatments in a variety of designs and styles. These strong partnerships allow Phelan’s to provide quality and stylish updates to your office at a reasonable price.

When contractors and technical services are needed, Phelan’s can suggest reputable and trustworthy options here in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area.

Project Manager

Phelan’s commercial interior designers will help guide you through the process of redesigning or updating your space. A project manager, however, will manage the project from beginning to end. Phelan’s will provide your project with an experienced project manager to ensure all phases of the process are completed properly and in a timely fashion.

You can rest assured that your updated office will reflect the quality and growth of you company when you work with Phelan’s in Cedar Rapids. For more information about commercial interior design services at Phelan’s visit our website. You can contact our team of experienced commercial interior designers at (319) 363-9634 or by completing a form here.