Choosing the Right Rug for Your Space: Styles, Colors & Sizes

Do you long to create a fresh look and feel in your space with minimal fuss? A new area rug can update almost any room in minutes. The key is finding the right rug for your space. Not only do you need to consider size, shape, style and color, but texture also varies widely in today’s rugs, and it can be key to layering your home with comfort.

While the Oriental rug reigns as the king of rugs, modern rugs provide appealing ways to bring easy-care, fun designs into your abode, too. There are thousands upon thousands of rugs to choose from these days, so you can easily create a new feeling in an existing space just by adding or changing the rug in a room.


Area Rug Ideas

You don’t need to have a large space to make an area rug work in your home. Even a small, utilitarian space like a yoga or meditation room can benefit from the extra padding provided by a small rug—and your feet will thank you.

Where should you add a rug? It’s up to you! Here are a few options for you to consider.

-Divide a large master bedroom with multiple rugs.

-Spruce up a baby’s or kid’s room with a cute, colorful design.

-Add an elegant rug under the dining room table.

-Make your laundry room more inviting and comfortable.

-Bring your personal style and color choices into your home office.

-Use a rug to boost seasonal style and color in your patio or sunroom.

-Place a stylish rug on top of a stained or damaged area of carpet or flooring.

-Place a runner in a busy hallway to reduce noise.

-Create a fresh look in your living room with a new area rug.

But how do you choose the right rug for your space? Phelan’s Interiors has some ideas to get you started on your search for a great rug that will help pull your look together.


Room and Space

light colored rug in windowed living room

Your first steps in finding an area rug include measuring the room and the furnishings you have in that room and considering how you want the rug to work in the space. Do you want the rug to fill the space, or are you thinking of defining spaces in a master bedroom or living room with a couple of smaller rugs? It can be fun to play around with different ways to define a reading nook or workspace that exists within a larger room.

You may wish to place a larger area rug under the end of a bed or choose smaller rugs for each side. If you have the space, a small round rug might fit the bill for setting a cozy chair and lamp apart from the rest of the room. The possibilities are almost endless!

In a great room, an area rug provides a boundary for conversation areas. Even if you have carpet, rugs with different textures can be placed on top of the carpet to add a luxurious feel.


Styles for Miles

rug with geometric shapes under a coffee table

With so many design styles available these days, it is a great idea to think about what home design trends you like the most. You can stick with the exquisite traditional Persian rug, which provides a timeless, classic look that goes with many styles of furniture and drapes, but you can also go with the flow of the current design trends. Boho, modern and farmhouse designs have become more popular recently, and there’s nothing like updating your living room, bedroom or office with the latest look. Unlike painting or remodeling, an area rug can bring Boho attitude or Farmhouse ease to your space almost instantly!

The rug styles you’ll find today often combine modern schemes and a distressed look for added texture. Many rugs offer subtle style and design to make them more versatile, while others make a visual splash. You can’t even count how many types of pile are available, from shag to sculpted and everything in between! Floral and geometric designs often dominate the field of rugs, but naturalistic and artistic looks can add painterly flair to your space.

The options for kids’ rooms include adorable animals and florals as well as simple geometrics. Adding a rug to a child’s room personalizes it while also protecting the permanent flooring from wear and tear—a great benefit of rugs for any room. Rugs that receive a lot of wear and tear can be spot cleaned or cleaned along with carpets.

Remember your patio or sunroom when considering rug options. Indoor/outdoor rugs make it possible to spruce up and pull together that space just as you would do for your indoor spaces. You might consider wilder styles for outdoor spaces that are used for entertaining.

If you’re undecided on style, consider choosing rugs that you can change along with the spring and fall seasons. This will allow you to have a new look twice a year. You can switch up the rug to make your space cozier for autumn and winter and brighter and lighter in the spring.



multicolored rug under a grey sofa

When you begin the search for a rug, color may be one of your top concerns. Today’s area rugs run the gamut of the color spectrum. Bright and bold rugs are almost as common as subtle area rugs. Neutral colors can help you ground a space, providing a platform on which to build your furniture, accessory and artwork choices.

The enormous range of colors and designs make it fun to look at rug options, but it can also be overwhelming. Try to narrow your color choices and combinations to one or two colors. With your color, size and style preferences in mind, you may want to work with one of our interior designers on making your final choice and ordering your rug. Our designers can request samples of rugs or even deliver multiple full-size rugs for you to try in your home.

The benefit of working with an interior designer is that they can think outside the box and may be able to find you something much more unique and fitting than you expected.