Best Sofas for Bonus Rooms and Basements

When you’re ready to beautify your basement or bonus room, seating will be one of the most important choices you make. You’ll want something that looks amazing and can stand the test of time. Plus, it needs to accommodate your family and fit in the room. So, what is the perfect sofa for the task?

While there isn’t just one perfect sofa, there is definitely a best choice for you, and Phelan’s Interiors can help you find it! The best sofa for the basement or bonus room is one that features high-quality construction and fits your style. That’s the foundation of lasting furniture in well-used rooms, where toddlers and teens can take their toll.

In our showroom and through the furniture lines we carry, you can find excellent choices, including sustainable, chemical-free Norwalk Furniture, American-made Craftmaster Furniture, and our latest addition, Rowe Furniture, which features performance fabrics that shed liquids like nobody’s business. In addition, the convenience of local shopping and home delivery make the experience easy for you to get the couch, sofa, or sectional you want.

Get a feel for the brands we carry that provide Cedar Rapids families with high-quality furniture.


Consider Your Use of the Room

One of the first things you need to do is to consider your use of the bonus room or basement, and to measure the space.

-Do you plan to watch a lot of movies or football games with family?

-Is the space more of a hangout for your teenagers?

-Do you play board games around a big coffee table?

-Do you want to keep existing furniture, such as side tables and chairs?

-Are your kids younger or older?

-Do you have pets?

-Will it ever be used for overnight guests?

-Are there any other activities that take place in the space to consider, such as online yoga classes?

The right sectional or sofa choice can make it possible to check everything off your list. Using your room measurements, plot it out on a piece of paper and consider placement as you begin to shop for sofas or sectionals. Our helpful designers will guide you when you come into the showroom.


Features for Families

The kids aren’t supposed to eat on the couch, but we all know they do it! Embrace life as it is lived by making sure you will be happy with your sofa’s resistance to stains and wear and tear. Today’s sofas and sectionals can be comfortable as well as practical for families with kids of all ages. One of our favorite new furniture lines, Rowe Furniture, offers kid-proof upholstery on simple and durable styles of sofas.

The durability and ease of cleaning of a sofa or sectional might be something else to keep in mind. Your upholstery choice is just one part of that.

Multiple cushions might be the best choice for family use of a sofa or sectional. This makes the cushions easy to rotate and turn so they stay firm longer. Plus, if an impossible-to-remove stain appears, you could always keep that cushion “good side up!” Single bench cushions can be turned and rotated, too, but may not be the best choice for heavy family or pet use.

Here’s something else to think about: Do you have a robotic vacuum? You might want a couch with legs far enough off the ground so your vac can easily clean underneath it. Perhaps you prefer two sofas instead of a sectional so each can easily be moved and rearranged as your needs change.


Sofa Styles and Shapes

When you’re ready to shop, you’ll see a lot of options available in Phelan’s showroom. You’ll have a wide selection of large and small sofas and sectionals to choose from—plus, we can always special order a sofa for you.

Depending on the bonus space or basement you’re furnishing, you might have room for a sectional, which may come with a large lounger extension or an ottoman that separates from the main portion of the sectional. If not, sectionals with built-in recliners will allow your family to put their feet up. Another unique and functional option is an angled sofa.

Be on the lookout for curved sofas that look oh so cozy. The organic feel and inviting conversation circle they create could be just the right fit for your home. However, curved sofas can also take up a bit more space than you think. They won’t fit up against a wall in the same way a straight sofa does.


Try it Out

As with any furniture you will sit on, you’ll want to give the furniture a try. Your size and the comfort of the sofa are important to you loving it for a long time! Visit the Phelan’s showroom in Cedar Rapids to see what we have in stock and learn more about sofas and sectionals.


Completing the Room

Few living spaces are complete without a few other furnishings and the right window treatments. Now is the time to consider a credenza for storage of games and movies and side tables for lamps and beverages. In addition, ponder if you want a coffee table for laptops, games and books. If you have toddlers, one of the cushioned ottomans available will provide little ones a softer landing when they inevitably trip and fall into the furniture. Wooden occasional or coffee tables could be a better option for households with pets because they’re easier to clean.

And finally, window treatments are important for blocking out light when watching TV or movies. They can also add softness and warmth, and of course, privacy.

Whatever your vision for your bonus room or basement, Phelan’s Interiors can help. Shop our furniture showroom or visit with a designer about beautifying your basement or bonus room!