Accent Chairs and How to Choose One (or Two) for Your Home

Nothing is better on a Sunday morning than sitting down with a cup of coffee or tea and reading the paper or a good book. Chances are, you could be sitting in a comfy and stylish accent chair while you sip your drink! Whether it’s a barrel chair, wingback chair, or club chair, accent chairs provide great seating for:

-Reading a good book

-Conversations with family

-Knitting, crocheting, and other crafts

-Writing letters or journaling

-Zooming with friends and family

-Planning next year’s garden or vacation

Accent chairs create an opportunity to have fun with your décor. Choose a style that either aligns with a traditional style or one that sets your room apart. Then, add a bright spot of color by covering it in a startling shade of leather. Or make a personal style statement with graphic or floral upholstery. The possibilities are alluring!


One or Two?

Changing out even a single accent chair in a living room is an affordable way to mix up your décor. Not only are they much more affordable than a sectional or couch to purchase, accent chairs can be more easily moved and recovered, as well. They usually provide better support for your back, too, by forcing upright posture—important considerations if you’re using it as a reading chair or a place to craft.

But why choose just one? Set up a conversation corner with a pair of barrel chairs. Add a small accent table and a floor lamp—a wonderful idea if you’re using your chair for reading or crafting. If you have the room, a pair of accent chairs can add ample seating and style to your space.


Explore Chair Styles & Sizes

One of the great things about an accent chair is the ability to have fun with it! Keep the style of your room in mind as you explore your options. If you have an eclectic mix of furnishings in a room, you might be able to look at one of the funky modern chairs on our showroom floor. Think of whether you want something angular, squared off or curvy in your space. Curvaceous options help soften the feel of a room—imagine one that completes a lonely bedroom corner.

Size also matters! Take measurements and pictures before you go shopping so you can find an appropriate fit for your space. Be sure you test out any chair for comfort, because every body is different—your feet should touch the ground when seated. Your arms and shoulders should also fit the way the chair is designed.

You may be a bit overwhelmed by the many shapes and materials used in accent chairs today—high back, armless, swivel, etc. And while wooden arms and legs offer warm, traditional looks, today’s trends include more metal arms and legs, including golden tones contrasted with navy and other trend-friendly color schemes.

Remember that you can get the personalized feel you want by customizing your accent chairs with lush velvet, rich leather or colorful upholstery. A pop of bright yellow or red upholstery beautifully brightens up a room with gray walls. A dark chair can ground a space. Neutral looks are also very popular at the moment, as are contrasting bold prints. If you find a chair style you like, but want to change up the upholstery, let one of our designers know. We can provide guidance and lots of samples for you to explore.


Ottoman or Recliner?


Depending on the style and placement of your accent chair, you might want a place to put up your feet for extra support. Not only are many of our lines offering recliners that have ditched the traditional recliner look for more attractive designs, the sky’s the limit on ottoman styles and sizes. Some are small, making them easy to move to a different spot. Other ottoman options are large table-style creations designed to replace the traditional coffee table. Soft and yet functional for putting up your feet, an ottoman can be a great addition when you purchase a new accent chair that doesn’t offer a reclining option.

Another recliner option to consider is the Stressless chair line by Ekornes. Give it a try in our showroom on the first floor, where you can check out the many options for customizing your Stressless chair for the ultimate in personal comfort. It’s like a vacation in chair form, every time you take a seat!

The best way to choose a chair is to try it out. Please visit our showroom to learn more about accent chairs that will give you more comfortable seating and emphasize your style. You’ll be sitting pretty!