5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a New Sofa

Is it time to replace your sofa? If so, Phelan’s in Cedar Rapids is prepared to help you make the best choice. We want you to find a sofa that fits your home and your household’s lifestyle. Consider these five important factors when you are ready to purchase a new sofa:


Do you plan to cuddle up for movie night or sleep on your new sofa? If the sofa is your escape to spot on a sleepless night or gathering spot for movie night, comfort is essential. It’s absolutely acceptable to sit on sofas on the display floor as you shop. Shop with the needs of your family and your guests in mind, and you’ll surely make a great purchase.


When shopping for a new sofa, pick a fabric you feel confident in and will love for years to come. Because a new sofa is a big, infrequent purchase, it’s important to choose a timeless fabric that will work in your home for a long period of time. Bold prints and patterns are a fun addition to your living room. Be sure that you are in love with the pattern or print before purchasing. You can always choose to implement patterns and prints in accent pieces, pillows, or decorations for a similar effect, and choosing a more versatile sofa fabric.


Kids are messy. Pets shed. Dinner guests spill. Purchase a sofa with durable fabric that will withstand the everyday messes of life. Consider color, type of fabric, and clean-ability. If you plan to keep your new sofa for years to come the above are important factors that will elongate the life of your furniture.


Shopping for a new sofa requires some prep work. Before you head to the furniture store, know exactly where your new sofa will be placed in the room so you can purchase a sofa that is exactly the right size. If the sofa sits in front of a window, height will need to be considered. If you plan to have end tables, that will also need to be taken into consideration. For best results, draw up a scale of the room that includes other furniture. This will help the designers at the furniture store understand how to help you choose a sofa that is the proper size and cohesive with other furniture.

Other Furniture in the Room

What fabric, color, and style is the other furniture in your space? Will you be replacing this as well? Is one consistent style or era of furniture an important characteristic in your space? Careful consideration of the questions above is important to helping you choose a sofa that works well in your existing space.

Phelan’s has an exceptional selection of sofas for every household. Our professional residential interior designers will help you choose the sofa that is best for your home. Stop by our Cedar Rapids showroom today, or contact an interior designer at (319) 363-9634.